double denim of the stars.

Ok today is a big day for the blog. We tackle installment 3 of the Jean on Jean expose. This week: Famous Jean on Jean. I’m so excited for this because it is mostly visual with commentary, which is my favorite kind of blog to read, but not usually the type I create so…where is the disconnect?

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about jean on jean or double denim these days. My mom cut out an article from our local newspaper to give to me, all about the new craze of denim and how the rules have been thrown out the window

Anyway, who knew, but Zac Efron has turned up as one of the most frequent offenders of JonJ. I decided to start with him because I am going to be the least critical of him just because he is [one of ] my dream man and I don’t want to jeopardize our future together.

ok so this one is borderline. If you take the advice of the above, the denims here are just too close to be considered a good outfit. You’re inching toward Canadian Tux here my friend.

nice job. who’s your boyfriend? (on the left or right)

Alright you did it. You made a Canadian Tuxedo cool. You look so good Zac. I can’t even say this is bad because you just.look.good.

Other famous JonJ comes to us today from the famous and historical couple from B. Spears and J. Timberlake:

Where to start. Positives: I like…your endurance. Both of you. You stuck this out the entire way. Well except for…ok now lets start with the negatives: Justin’s shirt isn’t even jean. WHAT IS THAT? You’re seriously going to wear jeans, a jean blazer, and jean cowboy hat, and let your girlfriend wear a jean evening gown with a matching jean handbag and then you’re going skimp on your shirt? Poor. Very poor Justin. Britney’s dress legitimately looks like something I made when I thought I was going to be a fashion designer in 6th grade. The big difference is that I knew better than to wear it out in public. I know this was the late 90’s and you were at the peak of your relationship and almost the rock bottom of your careers, but there is just no excuse for this. I think my favorite parts of the whole thing are the hat and the purse. The fact that there are clearly several pair of jean rolled into single garments is also a plus here.

Jay. Jay Jay Jay. The only good thing about this is that your eyes match your outfit. Or maybe your outfit just really brings out the color of your eyes, but I think we can probably find other colors that do the same thing. Whaddayasay? Nice ride though. Can I get a lift on that or do I have to dress like you before I touch it? Your windblown hair really adds the nice effect that you are a true biker and I appreciate that. I also appreciate your sincere attempt to alter the standard attire attributed to bikers. I know you’re in a higher class of vehicle with the BMW and all, so the leather probably wouldn’t really go. And who even knows what the season here is? It could be far too warm for leather in which case I understand your need to breathe here. Next time lets look at some other options.

Between the jean, the jean, and the shoes, I just don’t really know where to begin here. If you look at Matt Damon’s face here you can really see that he is feeling the burn of his decision, and I don’t blame him. I know the moment he stepped out of his car here he felt all eyes on him in the most negative and judgmental of ways. Sorry. I can’t find anything good about this

While the colors of your denim are incredibly close and questionable here, Christina, I give you points for cuteness. I do dig the jacket, it has nice style, and I’m sure your jeans cost more than my car. Just get someone to help you with your duffel next time, ok?

Kanye. You do so many things well. You also do so many things poorly. I don’t like this one bit. I much prefer you in your neon venetian blind glasses and Nike wrestling shoes. What’s with the gloves? Here we see the exact reason I preach against chambray mixed with denim. It just looks tacky. Am I right or am I right? I’m no fashion consultant, but I think if you’re going to go with matching jacket and jean, you need to make the plunge and invest in the denim shirt. It’s just good manners to the JonJ community.

I hate you. I hate everything about what you’re wearing, and I hate that Wikipedia thinks Fall Out Band is a Rock band.

You lose. Emile Hirsch. Your attractiveness doesn’t even count for a single point here because you look so bad. Your hair is gross. Your shoes are gross. Your jeans are ripped (and I know you didn’t wear those Into the Wild…bahahahaha), and your jacket is not cool. Bottom of the list Emile, never do this again please. For everyone’s sake.

I think I’ll flush my ideas on denim out into two more posts so this won’t end soon enough for those of you feeling the burn about my obsession with jean on jean. Moreover, I’m hoping to obtain some new material over the next week so we can really make these next posts count!


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3 responses to “double denim of the stars.

  1. KT

    I’ll read on further, Anne, to see if my embroidery on denim is mentioned in an earlier entry . . . loved by all who received one of those works of art.


  2. ricci is perfect. so is zefron. but i still think JonJ is gross.

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